Artistic Explosion in Sosúa Abajo

As we had announced in the previous post, last week was really very intense. The inhabitants of Sosúa Abajo witnessed a true artistic explosion. Four artists from different cities and countries were working at the same time to transform the walls into beautiful murals. It was a great pleasure to see them put all their effort and dedication into creating the new artistic future for our city. There was even an artist who worked at night to finish her mural as soon as possible.

Osiris Salomón y Joel Rodriguez

These two local artists were finishing the third and fourth murals of Sosúa in Colores. To see the final results we invite you to see our page in Facebook.

Artistas de Sosua en Colores

New members

Lidisset Reyes

This talented artist He was born in Puerto Plata in 1977 and went to study in Santo Domingo, where he graduated in Advertising Art, mention of Creativity from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo. He then pursued his artistic career at the Spanish Cultural Center and the ITLA Institute. In 2015 she presented her personal exhibition "Trazo Vivo" and "Emotional, When the Walls Speak." Lidisset she has been an active participant in many national and international cultural events, such as Conference of Stage Design and Event Production in Chicago, Festival of Music and Art in Cabarete. He also always supports the projects of muralization of the country and was one of the first to contact us to offer their help and talent.

Natasha Mitskevich

Originally from Belarus, a distant country near Rúsia, Natasha He moved to the Dominican Republic where he not only found his love but also discovered passion for art. Natasha studied architecture but has always been interested in art. That's why she first learned graphic design and then began to develop her career as a plastic artist, painter, jewelry maker and muralist. Among other projects, Natasha has worked with bars and cafes in Santo Domingo helping to create unique interiors and creative environments. You can find fascinating examples of their work in her account in Instagram.

Would you like to know how the murals of Lidisset and Natasha were? We invite you to visit our Instagram and Facebook appreciate the final result. And do not forget to share it with your friends so that more people find out about this beautiful Sosúa en Colores initiative.